It wasn't too long ago that I struggled with various skin issues and insecurities. I had extremely sensitive skin that would get super dry, inflamed, burnt, puffy and even develop into rashes and rosacea. I love makeup and beauty products but the condition of my skin made me weary of trying anything new. I mean, I can't even go out in the sun for longer than 10 mins  - I get rashes that would last up to a whole month! And for somebody who lives in a tropical climate, makes frequent trips to the beach... it's a nightmare. It wasn't just about not looking great, but the breakouts were also painful. For the longest time, my skincare routine was simplified down to one moisturizer. Cleansers and sunscreens were also causing me problems, despite them being labeled as 'hypoallergenic' or 'for sensitive skin,' so, forget serums and toners. I started educating myself on the ingredients and avoided products containing toxins that would cause irritation to my skin - in which, unfortunately, existed in the majority of the products I saw. I realized, that the industry actually doesn't make many products catered to people with extremely sensitive skin.

I ventured into making skincare for myself and for my husband, who has dealt with cystic acne all his life, and wanted to relieve both of us from the pain and nurture a sense of confidence and joy back into our skincare routine. Hence, the name, Athas, which means joy, victory and gladness.

After years of intense research, corresponding with chemists and many trial and errors, I developed my first formulations of Facial Oils with the purpose of going back to basics in caring for my skin using potent botanical extracts. I felt the difference in my skin as it repaired, strengthened and became less prone to rashes and breakouts.

I then wanted to share and create products that would bring a lasting change for others that would cultivate a sense of self-love, joy and confidence.