Inspired by the Irish word Áthas (Irish) /ˈɑːhəsˠ/ which means joy, victory, and gladness.

Áthas Botanics is a clean, on-the-go beauty line incorporating minerals, crystals and gemstones to provide self-care products that are holistic; aligning energy of the body, mind and soul to nurture beauty and well-being.

We focus on creating products that are minimal, conscious and multi-functional. We emphasize on making simple, concentrated blends of high performing ingredients lovingly crafted to harness the power of nature and minimize sensitizing ingredients to provide you solutions that visibly restore, nourish and soothe the skin. Every product is prepared in small batches for maximum freshness.


We cater to urban women that want a convenient routine that go well with their busy work schedules and lifestyles.


A beauty regimen shoudln't be a hassle or a chore, but rather one that encourages a sense of self-love, which adds value and joy to your everyday life.


We hope that as you apply our products everyday, you will grow confident in your self and in your own beauty.




We strive to bring you products that are:


Made from good ingredients

We use natural and non-toxic ingredients to prevent any irritation and stress on your skin.

Minimal use of chemical ingredients

Formulated without additives, fillers, sulfates, alcohol, synthetic dyes or parabens.

Cruelty free

We don't test on animals.

Hand crafted

Formulated, designed and packaged by the founder, Lucia Dieselberg.


Our products are made in small batches or to order to ensure freshness and maximum potency of the active ingredients.